USA Shooting previously announced its plan to host the 2022 National Pistol Junior Olympic Championships at the Olympic and Paralympic Training Center (OPTC) in Colorado Springs in April 2022. Due to the conditions placed on USA Shooting by the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, we are seeking an alternative location for this competition that will allow the greatest number of athletes to compete.

The current COVID-19 restrictions in place at the OPTC require all participants to have a COVID-19 vaccination and would restrict parents and spectators from entering the facility.

“While planning the 2022 National Pistol Junior Olympic Championships earlier this year, it was our hope that these restrictions would no longer be in place at the OPTC, but that is not the case” said Matt Suggs, CEO of USA Shooting.

“One hundred percent of our staff and the vast majority of our National Team are vaccinated, but USA Shooting does not support the mandating of vaccines. We will do everything possible to preserve the right of parents in the shooting community to make thoughtful decisions in consultation with their family physician about the vaccination of their children,” said Suggs.

We understand the importance of the 2022 National Pistol Junior Olympic Championships and the effect this event has on our Pistol program pipeline. We cannot host this event with the current OPTC COVID restrictions, as it will directly impact some competitors and their ability to attend the match.

We understand that this is disappointing news for our Pistol community, but we appreciate your understanding.